Google Announces New Mobile Friendly Ranking Signal

For many of our clients, the technology of mobile-readiness has not been implemented and we would like to make you aware of some recent changes that will take effect April 21st, 2015.  Google made some recent announcements that we feel is important to relay to our clients.   Starting this month, Google will now be utilizing Mobile Readiness as a ranking signal, meaning that those websites that are not mobile-friendly, will be ranked accordingly in search results.  This could potentially cause your website to be moved from the #1 position (if it is currently ranked there) to further on down the page in the search results when someone searches for your keywords.  The reason for Google's new announcement is not to frighten or alarm business or website owners, its intentions are to actually increase awareness of the new technology available, especially in today's society of mobile dependent customers.

The preferred method of mobile friendliness is now referred to as Responsive Designs.  Your website may not adhere to Google's new Guidelines, which will take effect this month. Please use this free online tool of Google's (the site is safe I promise you) and check your website to see if it is mobile-friendly.

At Montana Grafix, we initiated the process of designing Responsive Websites in January of 2014.  Please click the link below for information on this new technology and how we can convert your website into a new mobile friendly design.  We offer great rates and high quality designs, contact us today for your personalized quote - the cost to upgrade is more reasonable than you might think.