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As you might already know, I am not graduating college until May. The fact that I am still in my undergrad and learning the ropes of a new business has made life very interesting for me! While it has presented many challenges {a possible blog post on this later}, I keep discovering ways in which it is such a blessing. This gig seriously fits my lifestyle perfectly.

I’m just a young pup…I have a lot of exploring to still do in this world!

And the best part is, I can do {almost} all the exploring while running a business! In fact, I’m currently plopped in the passenger seat on the way to Minnesota with my pops. It’s spring break {yay for spring!}, and I decided long before I jumped into this crazy that for my last spring break, I could do something more than go home and work. Which don’t get me wrong, I love, but something more adventurous was calling my name.

And you know what is so damn awesome?!

Becoming the boss lady here at Montana Grafix didn’t change that plan for even one second. It just gave me something more to work on while I sit in the car for 14 hours. Whoever invented all this technology I owe a big thanks to!

I will still be available all week {I’ll have kind of whacky hours, but seriously that’s nothing new} so if want to or need to get ahold of me, do that here! I hope you have something awesome and fresh in mind.

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