50 of the Best “Made In Montana Gifts” to Give

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have the experience of a lifetime in the small town I live in, Chinook, Montana.

When on a business trip, I received an email from someone claiming they worked for the Today Show at NBC.  Being in the internet business, I did my research before replying and found this person to be who she said she was, and that this email was in fact very valid.  After a couple of phone conversations with a producer by the name of Samantha Wender, she planned a trip to Montana to film and get information on several small communities in Blaine County.  A few weeks later, she returned and brought Harry Smith from NBC’s Today Show to interview people in our small community, a experience I will never forget.

I wanted to give the New York crew something from Montana when they were here, so I enlisted the help of my friends on Facebook to give me ideas on what the best “Made in Montana” gifts are.  To my surprise, I received an enormous response to my post and I truly felt these responses were worth sharing with you.  Below you will find the best “Made in Montana” gifts available:

  1. 504 Square Feet – Billings - https://504squarefeet.com/
  2. Alpacas – Bozeman - https://alpacasofmontana.com/
  3. Alpine Touch – Choteau - https://www.alpinetouch.com/
  4. Bequet Carmels - Bozeman - https://bequetconfections.com/
  5. Blaine County Wildlife Museum Gifts – Chinook – bcwildlifemuseum.com
  6. Chalet Market – Belgrade - https://chaletmarket.com
  7. Cow Creek Soaps - Chinook
  8. Cross Creek Trading Company – Chinook – http://www.crosscreektrading.com
  9. Don Greytak Art – Havre – dongreytak.com
  10. Earlywood – Red Lodge - https://www.earlywooddesigns.com/
  11. Elliots of Montana Cookies - elliottsofmontana.com
  12. Farver Farms Mixes – Scobey - http://www.farverfarms.com/
  13. Four O Six - Shirt or Bumper Sticker – Helena - https://fourosix.com/
  14. Great Plains Dinosaur Museum & Field Station – Malta - http://www.greatplainsdinosaurs.org/
  15. Archie Bray Pottery – Helena – http://www.archiebray.org/
  16. Hannah's Granny Crafts - Chinook
  17. Harvest Moon Brewing Company – Belt - http://www.harvestmoonbrew.com/
  18. High-Country Beef Jerky – Lincoln - http://www.hicountry.com/
  19. Hofeldt Wool Kuzies
  20. Honey from Bears Paw Apiaries and Buhmann Apiaries – Chinook, Montana
  21. Montana Coffee Traders – Whitefish - coffeetraders.com
  22. Huckleberry Patch – Hungry Horse - huckleberrypatch.com
  23. Ken Overcast – Chinook – kenovercast.com
  24. Kracklin Kamut Snacks – Big Sandy - kracklinkamut.com
  25. Montana Hammer Knives – Havre
  26. Maloney Metalworks - Turner
  27. Martinsons Chocolates – Huntley - ranchchocolates.com
  28. Meriwether of Montana – Whitefish - mwmade.com
  29. Bear Paw Meats - Montana beef, pork, lamb, coffee, lentils, oils, garlic, dried garlic, kamut, chick peas, honey, tea, granola, breading mixes, beer, seasonings and BBQ sauces – Chinook – bearpawmeats.com
  30. Montana Dinosaur Trail Passport - mtdinotrail.org
  31. Montana Martin Knives – Shelby - montanamartinknives.vpweb.com
  32. Montana Silversmith – Columbus - montanasilversmiths.com
  33. Gram's Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe Montana Teas - Havre
  34. Native American Beadwork
  35. Olivelle infused olive oils, infused vinegars, sea salts, herb mixes – Bozeman – olivelle.com
  36. Orphan Girl – Butte - headframespirits.com/orphan-girl
  37. Popcorn Colonel - Great Falls – thepopcorncolonel.com
  38. Rand's Custom Hats – Billings - randhats.com
  39. Saddle Butte Custom Smoking - Havre
  40. Simply Sweet Montana Candies - Chinook
  41. Sugar Plum Jewelry – Glendive - sugarplumjewelryco.com
  42. Goose Bay Handblown Glass – Townsend - goosebayhandblownglass.com
  43. The Montana Shirt Co – Whitefish - montanashirtco.com
  44. The Oil Barn - Safflower Oil – Big Sandy - theoilbarn.com
  45. Kitchen TLC Tea & Chocolate – Bozeman - thesweetsbarn.net
  46. Todd Klassy Photography – Havre – toddklassy.com
  47. Wheat Montana Bread and Cinnamon Rolls– Three Forks - wheatmontana.com
  48. WindRift Hill - Lotions, Soaps, Body Butter – Conrad - windrifthill.com
  49. Winds Pasties – Anaconda - windspasties.com
  50. Everyone that lives here!


All of you that gave suggestions on our post, and the kind-hearts of Montana are what truly make this list unique.  I can think of hundreds of other businesses and products that are built right here in Montana that are worthy of this list, but I wanted to share with you what I received from that post.  I am truly inspired by the sheer quality and quantity of Montana-made products that we have in our back doors, be sure to take in these truly unique treasures when you can.


Here are a few photos of my Today Show experience, enjoy!


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